Travel Tips

Crusing Facts

» Caribbean travel requires a US passport valid 6 months beyond the date of travel.

» Your luggage is handled all the way to your room. What a great way to begin relaxing..

» Kids love cruising. Over half a million children will have cruised this year. Take advantage of all the wonderful children’s programs from toddlers to teens.

» All your meals are included in the purchase price of the cruise. Gratuities, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are additional as well as shore excursions.

» 7 night cruises offer two formal nights, one of which is the Captain’s cocktail party. Dressing up is FUN!

» Resort wear along with light jackets or sweaters is acceptable clothing. Don’t forget a bathing suit, maybe one extra to have on hand while the other is drying.

» You can celebrate special occasions on board. Just let us know and we will take care of every detail.

» Medical services are available on board to handle emergencies. Laundry facilities are also available and some also have dry cleaning services. Ask about these features.

» Having so much fun you want to stay longer? Extend your trip with a post cruise land package.

» What a wonderful way to reunite with extended family members than to plan a cruise vacation as a group. Every individual can do as much or as little as they choose. With the many entertainment options there is something for everyone all day long.

Staying Safe

» Don't carry a lot of cash

» Don't wander off alone; ask about what areas to avoid ashore.

» Don't carry a purse. Carry something that can be concealed.

» Don't carry wallets in your back pocket.

» Don't wear expensive jewelry.

» Don't take unauthorized taxi services. Make sure the company is licensed.

» Be aware of what is going on around you.

» Make photocopies of valuable documents.

» Use safe deposit boxes, keep valuables out of site in hotel rooms and cruise cabins.


» European electrical current is different than in the States, be sure to carry a converter to avoid damage to your appliances.

» Most singles traveling alone can share a room to avoid a single supplement. Ask about this feature when booking a tour. This could possibly turn into a lasting friendship!

» Always pack umbrellas for any tour. You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

» Wear comfortable clothing. Bring shoes that are not brand new to avoid uncomfortable walking scenarios. What a terrible thing not to be able to enjoy once in a lifetime sights due to aching feet.

» Leave valuable jewelry at home. If you can’t bear to lose a special item it’s better left behind.

» Pack a small alarm clock to avoid being late for your tour departure time.

» When traveling with a partner, split your belongings between two suitcases. If one goes astray you will at least have some backup necessities.

» Make sure all medicines are packed in your carry on. If your luggage should be delayed you will not be left without crucial medications.

» Make copies of your passport and vital documents. Leave one set at home with a family member and carry one separate from your originals. It is easier to expedite replacements when you have ready original information.


» Taxi—10-15%

» Tour director-----$2.00 person per day

» Local guide----$1.00

» Restaurant--------10-15%

» Phoning home can be a real drain on your budget if you are not careful. Hotels impose service charges on phone calls. It is better to inquire before using the telephone and to use public phones or phone cards to place calls. Always get information to avoid disappointing bills at check out.

» Cash can be exchanged at banks, airport, hotels and exchange booths throughout major cities. Credit cards are widely accepted. The most convenient method is ATM card withdrawals. Check with your local bank before departure to ensure what transaction fees will be imposed and if your card is valid for international transactions. Always confirm departure dates with your credit card company so that the card can be used in the country you are traveling in.

» Always be prepared with money issues. Don’t be left unaware and without access to funds.

» Feel free to ask questions regarding any of the above issues pertinent to your situation.

This information considered general and intended only as a guideline. Travel Encounters is not liable for misinformation. We recommend you ask questions regarding any of the above issues pertinent to your situation. Consult with to view the most recent airline and government restrictions and safety information. Travel Encounters highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance for any trip.